Power Buildings

Solar + Battery Integrated Metal Structures

Rendering of Power Networks carport structure with modern home.

Turn your solar project into a multi-use system with a solar powered building complete with battery storage in sizes ranging from residential to industrial applications. Power Buildings can be custom designed and built for an unlimited amount of uses:

  • EV Charging Car Port Systems
  • Garden/Tool Storage Sheds & Workshops
  • Pergolas / Privacy Screening
  • Tiny or Full Size Homes
  • Advanced Manufacturing Facilities
  • Materials Storage Warehouses
  • Agricultural Barns for Dry Storage
  • Equestrian Riding Arenas
  • Shade Structures for Livestock Grazing
  • Boat Houses/Winter Storage/Aircraft Hangars
  • Emergency Storm Shelters
  • Utility Battery Energy Storage
  • Hydrogen Production (H2)

Conventional Rooftop or Ground Mounted Solar Systems are great, but this is the new way to integrate solar and battery storage into our everyday lives.  Power Buildings provide more value for your investment by providing a multi use application so a building that generates power or a power generations system that provides a building…it’s a win-win at no additional cost!

Our team will work with you to design, procure, and  build any metal structure you can envision with all supporting structural and geotechnical engineering designs to account for environmental and geological safety factors.  Use your imagination, and we’ll bring dreams to a powerful reality!