EV Charging Stations

Power Networks offers installation of charging stations to power your vehicle or fleet by an ECRA/ESA licensed electrician.

A growing concern for electric vehicle owners is knowing when and how to charge their vehicle. Drivers of EVs want to know how to keep their vehicles charged most conveniently and cost effectively. Power Networks provides innovative design solutions and turnkey construction support for everything from residential home chargers to large community charging stations. We have unique expertise in providing the power system required to charge your electric vehicle or fleet as well as the charging apparatus.

Come visit us at some of our upcoming 2024 tradeshows to see the latest of what we have to offerPower Networks is charging into the future!

EV Charging Options

Incentives for Installing EV Chargers

Canada’s EV charging rebate programs could help you save thousands of dollars depending on the province you reside in. Some provinces offer up to and even above $10,000 in incentives. Power Networks can help determine which federal and provincial rebates are currently active that you may be entitled to with your particular project in mind.

Multi-unit residential buildings and workplaces

Incentives for the installation of EV charging stations in MURBs and workplaces are available through federal and provincial programs. The Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP) provides federal funding for the installation of EV chargers in MURBs and workplaces.

* Note: Some rebates require pre-approval of the work before it can begin. Please check the requirements of any rebates or incentives to determine whether pre-approval is needed.