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Creating sustainable solutions one watt at a time.

Power Networks is your trusted partner in renewable energy management. Whether you are looking to offset your energy costs, increase the resiliency of your operations or promote your brand with a commitment to clean energy, we are here to help you simplify the move to renewables.

We are solar installers and renewable energy specialists bringing sustainable energy one watt at a time through solar power and battery storage for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Our Management Team

Derek Power


Derek launched Power Networks in 2008 with a vision of creating a leader in the Canadian solar and renewable space. He built a company that prioritizes the customer with quality solar installations and innovative renewable concepts.

His greatest asset is his laugh.  It is truly infectious and it’s difficult not to hear echoing across the job site or busy conference centres.  His positive attitude really makes the job easy while navigating complicated situations and that is something you can not learn in school. 

Derek graduated Dalhousie University for Sociology and Anthropology in Halifax, Nova Scotia and also taught North American culture at the prestigious Waijiao Xueyuan China Foreign Affairs University in Beijing, China.

He was also a staple volunteer at Hope Cottage Soup Kitchen in Halifax, NS for many years! 

Get in touch: derek@powernetworks.ca

Dan Carrocci

Vice President

Passionate about sustainability, climate change, carbon mitigation, and the long term growth of the renewable energy industry. For the past 20 years Dan has built and managed Determination Drilling, specializing in renewable energy construction, and in 2020 started Sunset Renewables focused on management of end of life wind and solar assets and how to return this liability material into a circular economy.

A graduate of Sir Sandford Fleming College (Geological Technologist, Resources Drilling & Blasting Technician), McMaster University (Carbon Mitigation, Transitional Leadership, Circular Economy), University of Waterloo (TQM & Lean Six Sigma), University of Calgary (Indigenous Canada), and the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto (Sustainability Specialist).  Dan is on a mission to absorb all of the infomation available in order to provide a superior service and innovative products.

Get in touch: dan@powernetworks.ca

Chris Nickle

Operations Manager

Chris is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of expertise in business management and ownership, particularly within multinational retail, hospitality, and the entertainment sectors. His journey is marked by successful ventures and strategic leadership, reflecting his profound understanding of operational excellence.
Beyond his corporate achievements, Chris is deeply passionate about sustainability, actively advocating for renewable energy policies to meet Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. He actively seeks opportunities to drive positive change in environmental practices and promote sustainable initiatives.
Outside of his professional endeavours, Chris finds fulfillment in his role as a dedicated father to two children and a supportive partner. His commitment to family and community underscores his well-rounded character and values-driven approach to life and work.

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