Have we been building utility solar the right way?

Here is an example of a conventional ground mounted solar project. It is a 10 MW project built by Sun Edison & ABB in Kingston, Ontario in 2013. This shows row upon row of solar panels, with tens of thousands of foundations taking up prime land that is now rendered as a single purpose application.

We have built thousands of these projects across Canada, and that’s a good thing….but we can do better. POWER NETWORKS is breaking the classic way of building solar projects to allow for multi use applications like agriculture, battery energy storage, hydrogen production, EV charging, materials storage, and a limitless amount of other applications underneath the solar array.

We believe that success is a moving goal post that requires innovation to achieve. Although we are still large proponents of the old school ground mount solar array, our team has designed and built power buildings that can be scaled to multimegawatt utility size sites, while providing multi-use possibilities, at a reduced construction cost, while introducting a potential secondary or tertiary return on investment for the land!

This is a game changer, and we’re excited to be leading the charge! Stay Tuned!