Micro – Mobility Charging Stations

Getting from point A to B may look very different depending on your geographic location. For country folk their main mode of transportation is typically truck, tractor, or horse…but city people would find it tough to get around in either of those options.

Micro-Mobility is a reality for urban centers where large vehicles are not conducive to the street sizes adding unnecessary congestion during rush hours. Cities like Calgary and Hamilton have unveiled e-scooters which have proven to be an incredibly cost effective and quick way to get to your destination or explore areas you’ve never been before.

Again looking at micro-mobility through the perspective of someone with a disability may be out of necessity and look much different from many riders. Electric wheelchairs, scooters, and e-bikes are critical mobility devices essential to the basic necessities of millions of individuals.

By including micro-mobility charging stations throughout a city, or school campus we can now give riders the range they need to get to and from their destinations without worring about being stranded. These stations can also serve as social centers where you can meet new people who navigate the city with similar devices as you. An interesting concept to say the least, but at Power Networks we are making it a reality. In an effort to reduce our ecological footprint we’ve even been using secondary used solar panels to charge these devices, this is a prime example of circular economy!