Circular Economy for Renewable Energy – SUNSET RENEWABLES

Where do solar panels go when they die? Although renewable energy systems are an essentail part of the decarbonization of our power supply, what to do with the waste material is a pressing concern that is growing by the second.

POWER NETWORKS is proud to announce our partnership with SUNSET RENEWABLE ASSET MANAGEMENT INC. They are Canada’s premier industrial recycler with a direct focus on diverting solar and wind materials from landfill.

Circular economy is essential to the long term success of the renewable energy industry and SUNSET RENEWABLES is taking a proactive approach to leading our industry into a future ready world. They’ve developed processes and technologies to test, verify, and validate secondary solar panels to be redeployed for low risk applications like micro-mobility, recreational, and agricultural uses. Where panels are too far gone to save, they have technologies to deconstruct back into raw materials for downstream uses into a variety of new products.

These cradle to cradle solutions are essential and we are proud to have the mutual support of SUNSET RENEWABLES as part of the POWER NETWORKS service to make sure we are minimizing our ecological footprint as an example for future generations.